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Appointment with Ayurveda Physician

  • Initial / Detailed Consultation:

    An online health questionnaire to be filled prior to your first appointment. The accuracy of the details provided in the form is fundamental foundation for the programme of rejuvenation or remedy from a particular/ combination of doshas. The form will be emailed to your email used for booking the appointment or can be accessed from the consultation page on website. Completed form will be required atleast 24hrs before the scheduled appointment to help Ayurvedic Physician to chart out any additional questions or areas to be explored during the session. The form covers basic questions about a person wellbeing and any deviations which you may deem necessary to be shared with the Physician, feel free to share the details in the notes section of the form. You as a person are under no obligation to provide the details on the form or answer all the questions, but a completed and detailed response may help resolve the issues and attain the benefits of Ayurveda. Please read below disclaimer, before proceeding with booking an appointment.


    Follow Up Consultation:

    A follow up consultation is typically suggested 4 weeks after the initial appointment. Follow ups sessions are designed to review the progress and effects on the programme and this will last anywhere between 25 - 40 mins. Aim of follow up sessions is to keep the focus on the details outlined during the initial assessment and evaluate effectiveness of the Ayurveda. Based on conditions and severity of doshas, further follow-up sessions will be recommended by the Physician. This is typically at an interval of 4 weeks during the first 3 months of the programme and at an interval of 6 weeks – 8 weeks after 3 months from the date of initial detailed session. Any need arising during the programme schedule, on demand appointments can be requested by contacting the clinic (either via an email or phone or message via website / WhatsApp).

     Ayurveda consultation Form    <-(click on the link)

Fast track appointment may be available due to reschedule/ cancellations, any such slots will not go back to generic appointment calendar due to minimum 48hrs required before booking. Hence, if an appointment is urgently needed; feel free to contact - / 07709754631 (WhatsApp/Telegram/mobile), quick message facility.